Cookie Butter (Speculoos)
Cookie Butter (Speculoos)
Cookie Butter (Speculoos)
Cookie Butter (Speculoos)
Cookie Butter (Speculoos)
Cookie Butter (Speculoos)

Cookie Butter (Speculoos)

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15 x 50g | £1.83 per bar

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Flavour: Cookie Butter (Speculoos)

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  • <p>  vegan 


  • protein


  •   sugar  


  • texture


About this bar

This bar balances the sweeeeet taste and chewy, gooey texture of a candy bar, with the nutrition stats you’d expect from a protein bar. We made a bar that can do both.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Viktorija K.
WOW so soft 🤤

I can't believe how amazing the texture and flavour is. So cinnamony, tastes like chocolate bar. Love that it has only 1g of sugar and so high in protein.

Henry H.

Honestly my new favourite. Can't stop eating them


The flavour on these is next level, combined with the texture I kind of feel like I'm eating cookie butter from the jar?!


So yummy!! Loved the crunch on top and the chewiness inside


LOVE LOVE LOVE the cinamonny taste! I wouldn't tell it's a protein bar, tastes like proper desert / treat __

A new more indulgent, fudgy texture

Texture is everything. We’ve been completely obsessed by creating a next level gooey, fudgy base for our bars. It’s 2024 and nobody wants a chalky, grainy protein bar so we pushed machinery (and our Head of Product) to the limit to create the softest possible vegan protein bar.

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Are Misfits bars healthy?

Whilst everyone’s definition of healthy varies, our delicious bars are high in protein, low in sugar and around 180-190 kcal per bar and we think that makes them a great snack choice.

How many calories are in Misfits bars?

Around 180-190kcal per bar, all the nutrition information for each individual flavour is available on our website or on pack.

Does it contain peanuts/nuts?

We've removed peanuts from the majority of our bars in the new range (except for Peanut Butter Fudge which has roasted peanuts) - however the manufacturing facility does handle peanuts and nuts so all bars may contain peanuts and other nuts.