About misfits

Join us on our plant-powered, protein-packed journey!

21st century snacking

We started Misfits when we spotted snacks were stuck in the past. You can grab a whole load of sugar that fills a gap for about half an hour. Or you can get a protein bar in the gym that’s high on health but low on taste. We demand more: where are the bars with high protein and low sugar, that are vegan *and* taste amazing? We make them.

More protein, less sugar

That’s the sweet spot 😎

Anyone can make a candy bar with protein in it. But one that doesn’t make you feel like you’re missing out? That’s us. Our bars do more than fill a gap: they’re chewy, goo-ey and chocolate-y with drizzle of caramel, all without the crazy amount of sugar. There’s just 0.6g of sugar in a Misfits bar.

For anyone with high standards

So who’s buying Misfits? Everyone. But if you’re gen Z and hungry in the States, you’re a step ahead (and the UK is catching up). Misfits is your new go-to snack, and we’re just getting started. In 2021, we sold 7 million bars to a hungry generation who cares about what they eat. You might be coming from yoga, going to the store, or just plain hungry, but you demand a better, tastier snack. We’ve wrapped it all up and put it in your pocket.