Plants Only Kitchen - @avantgardevegan

This guy is OG of contempo vegan cookery. Not only does Gaz Oakley’s Instagram handle @avantgardevegan have a following of 653k, he also has an award-winning cookbook. Plants Only Kitchen has more than 70 insanely delicious recipes to work around your lifestyle. Symbols flag whether they are high-protein, take less than 15 minutes, or can be pre-prepped. Crispy Kickin’ Cauliflower anyone?




Modern and fuss-free, in East Guardian columnist Meera Sodha takes you on a journey from India to Indonesia, Singapore to China, by way of Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam. Tasty recipes include kimchi pancakes, dairy-free black dhal and salted miso brownies. Recently adapted for the US market, it was named one of the best cookbooks of the year by The New York Times.



Vegan Japaneasy - @cheftimanderson

If you associate Japanese cuisine with raw fish sushi and sashimi, you’re not alone, but believe it or not, it is actually pretty vegan-friendly. With Vegan Japaneasy, the hint is in the title, this modern Japanese cookbook contains recipes that are easy to make in all their bold salty-sweet-spicy-rich deliciousness. And an added plus is the shiny stylish tome is itself a piece of art. 



Leon Fast Vegan - @LeonRestaurants

Leon is the main character of heartily delicious fast food - and bringing it home to your own kitchen is Leon Fast Vegan. This book is basically about delicious food that just happens to be vegan. Amongst the 150 recipes from breakfast and brunch and sharing plates to quick suppers are: Mexican tacos, Vietnamese pancakes and American burgers. It’s hard to resist, and why would you?



Zaika: Vegan Recipes from India - @ROMYGILL 

Romy Gill taps into her own Indian heritage for this tempting cookbook. Each recipe of over 100 curries, side dishes and drinks is naturally brimming with flavour and refreshingly doable. There are plenty of curry-in-a-hurry options as well as some more considered project-plates to be savoured with friends over the weekend. The Jackfruit sabzi is a must-try. 






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