We Don’t Do New Year's Resolutions – Misfits Health

We Don’t Do New Year's Resolutions

It has long been joked that resolutions are made to be broken - they contain so much hype and pressure they mostly never work. We believe in starting the year positively, because January certainly isn’t the time to deny yourself. Rather than aspire to achieve over-ambitious goals that ban anything fun and are built on a foundation of guilt, focus your time and energy on a slow and steady habit change. We don’t need to remodel our lives overnight.

Below are some more enjoyable alternatives…

Highlight the things you do well, instead of focussing on what you need to change. Sounds simple but the power of mindset and internal positivity is key.

Positive affirmations, list every positive trait that defines who you are today - focussing on these accomplishments and your good vibes will help achieve breakthrough goals and kick that negative voice we all have sometimes.

Pick a ‘theme’ for each month of the year, such as flourish, excitement and action, so you are not roping yourself into a year-long commitment. A change of focus will keep things exciting and help you feel motivated. 

Create a list of things to look forward to - a mixture of big and small events from holidays to the release of a new box set.

And if you must set a resolution, then make it this: Give up wanting anything to happen in the New Year. Instead set yourself goals based on your own ambitions; such as spending more time outdoors, taking steps to become more sustainable and putting aside more time to take up a hobby you’ve long wanted to try.

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