The Greatest HITS!

Zesty Choc Orange and dreamy White Choc Speculoos join forces with the super indulgent S’mores and Birthday Cake to form the box of a lifetime.

  • 100,000 happy customers

  • Over 5000 5* reviews

  • Plant-based goodness

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What inspired the Greatest Hits?

Greatest Hits is a celebration of our 4 best selling flavours from 2022. We wound the clock back to the start of the year and compiled a culinary playlist of our customer faves from Birthday Cake to White Choc Speculoos and of course our darling S’mores - it’s a sweet symphony of Misfits flavours.

What's next?

It doesn’t end here for 2022, keep your eyes peeled for our final new flavour of the year launch in November...