Introducing COOKIE DOUGH

Dough you believe in love at first bite? Meet Cookie Dough, our softest, squidgiest bar yet, laced with vanilla notes and high protein choc crispies.

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  • Over 5000 5* reviews

  • Plant-based goodness

A snack like no other: try it today!

Perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth on the go, this is sure to become a new favourite. The rich, chocolatey flavour is balanced perfectly with the soft, doughy texture, creating a snack that's hard to resist. So why wait?

the future of snacking

We push the boundaries by combining indulgence and health in a single bite. When you eat something from Misfits, it's more than a snack. It's a reminder that you don't need to follow the conventional path.

It's fuel to be whoever you want to be.