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Top tips to boost energy in 30 days

  • Days 1-10 - Sleep Better – Sleep is our nightly energy booster, it’s what recharges our batteries and gives us energy for the day. Unfortunately a modern lifestyle is not conducive to good sleep and many of us wake up feeling low on energy. Creating a regular sleep/wake time is essential for good sleep because it will help to set our bodies natural clock. Our body craves routine and when we go to bed and wake at a regular hour it will adjust, making you feel tired before bedtime and energised on waking.
  • Days 11-20 - Carbohydrates – Carbohydrates are the body's primary energy source, however our society is in the middle of a low-carb diet craze. It is true that our body can adjust to a very low-carb, ketogenic diet (less than 30g of carbs per day) and gain energy from fat ketones, but this diet is extremely difficult to adhere to and most people who eat low-carb are not in ketosis. Having carbohydrate in your diet is fine! Adding slow releasing carbohydrates back into your diet is likely to help with your energy levels.
  • Days 21-30 – Stress Perception – A study looking at the determinants of fatigue and stress showed that fatigue (the opposite of energy) is highly associated with perceived stress [1]. This is very interesting because it means if we can reduce our perception of stress, we can influence our energy levels without changing what we are doing. Unfortunately, changing our perceived stress levels is easier to say than do. My tip is to be conscious of your stress levels throughout the day and think about this piece of information when you are feeling overwhelmed.

 Author: James Hudson

[1] Kocalevent, R. D., Hinz, A., Brähler, E., & Klapp, B. F. (2011). Determinants of fatigue and stress. BMC research notes, 4(1), 238.

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