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Rhiannon Lamberts Kitchen Essentials!

Being prepared and having easy ‘go-to’ foods is a life saver!

Optimising your kitchen cupboard space can really save you on those nights where you get home late from work or you not in the mood to whip up a time-consuming dish. Rhiannon shares her kitchen essentials that are the perfect go-to nutritious foods.


Tinned pulses

Pulses such as beans, lentils and chickpeas are both affordable and nutritious. They are a wonderful source of plant based protein and also contain iron. You can get quite creative with these types of foods too, they’re versatile and can be added to casseroles and stir-fry meals. If you are in the mood for simplicity, fry them in some olive oil and spices, served with a sweet jacket potato and roasted veggies. 


Frozen fruit and veg

Frozen produce can actually be superior in terms of nutritional value, quality, shelf-life and cost when compared to fresh produce. Paying a premium for food which you believe is fresh may sound great but often the reality is different. Often, these fruit and vegetables may have been held in storage for up to a month and then they sit in the fridge at home for days before being eaten. Over time, fresh produce deteriorates, losing some of the nutrients associated. By contrast, frozen vegetables and fruit are chilled soon after harvest and are likely to retain high levels of nutrients. So many of my clients now stock their freezers up with foods such as berries, spinach and kale. You can add these fruits and veggies to smoothies, yoghurt bowls, or stir fry the veg.


Microwaveable grains

Boiling grains such as rice or quinoa, often takes around half an hour and when you want to whip up a meal nice and quickly, a 30 minute wait time is not ideal. However, you can now buy packets of microwaveable grains that take about 2 minutes in the microwave – talk about convenient! I can also confirm that any myths you may have heard about the microwave, are not true. It has absolutely no impact on the nutritional value of food.


Protein powder sachets

These are also items that I keep in my cupboard as a go-to protein boost. On those days you may have not had quite enough protein, try adding a sachet of protein powder to a bowl of yoghurt or even a smoothie for dessert. Perfect to also pop in your bag if you are in a rush! 


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