Chocolate Banoffee Millionaire Shortbread

Ingredients & Method

50g coconut flour
30g MISSFITS Vanilla Protein Multitasker 
25g agave
20g peanut butter
70ml almond milk (Mix until cookie dough consistency, line a square baking tin and cook at 180 for 15-20 mins until a golden biscuit) -

Caramel layer:
1 mashed banana
30g agave
30g peanut butter
30ml almond milk
1 banana to thinly slice on top (Add to cooled biscuit and put in the fridge to cool) -

Chocolate topping:
40g MISSFITS Chocolate Protein Multitasker 
60g dark chocolate melted
30ml coconut oil
70ml almond milk (Pour over banoffee layer so completely covered and place in the freezer for 2 hours before cutting)