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What A Nutritionist Keeps In Her Fridge

By Jenna Hope 

My job consists very much of finding out what my clients keep in their fridge and making changes in order to achieve their goals. However, when I’m in social situations I find more and more people quiz me on my diet. For this reason I have written this article about what I keep in my fridge (and I’ve added in a couple of key freezer items and some dry basics too).

Let’s start with the basics...

Fruits and vegetables... I try to ensure I always have some easy snacking fruit of vegetables in stock. Think pre-chopped carrots (with hummus), berries, apples, cherry tomatoes and olives. During the summer I keep berries in the freezer as they’re great for a refreshing snack and they’re lower in sugar than other fruits.

Aubergine, sweet potatoes, cauliflower and broccoli are useful too as they’re great for roasting or throwing into a stew or curry. I recommend buying pre-chopped onions and keeping them in the freezer. This makes the stew/curry process a whole lot simpler, quicker and tear-free! Keeping fruits and vegetables in the freezer enables you to incorporate a wide range of nutrients into your diet without wasting a ton of food whilst you’re at it.

I always have some sort of meat or fish on the go. Meat and fish are great sources of iron and B12 which is harder to get from plant sources. I can’t say I’m a huge red meat lover but it’s really high in available iron so it’s something which I try and incorporate into my diet. Although in an ideal world we’d all like to eat wild, free-range and organic animal produce it’s not always feasible. Where possible I opt for these varieties but otherwise I pick my sources from the supermarket.

I’m also an avid egg lover; too many people are affected by the ‘cholesterol scare’ but it’s something which we seem to be coming round to. Again, try and buy good quality eggs where possible as the Vitamin D content will be higher in the better quality varieties.

I’m not a major milk lover, I’ve never really been keen on it and so I prefer nut milks. This is something which I buy in bulk, usually eight cartons at once. I’m loving Plenish Cashew milk at the moment as it’s super creamy and so makes for a great matcha latte or to add to a Missfits sachet as a post-workout shake.

For the times I need a snack. I always have hummus, coconut yoghurt and nut butter on the go. They’re great for snacking and the latter are the answer to a sweet craving. Before I finish, because no-one’s perfect, I keep the odd bottle of wine in the fridge for the weekends. Although red is better for you as it is higher in resveratrol (although not as high as we all think), it puts me to sleep at the table so I prefer the white.

I hope this has given you an insight into my diet as a nutritionist and my key fridge and larder items.


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